Round Sabine - klHello!

I am Sabine and I have come a long way to become a certified QST parent trainer and therapist. At the same time, I am a Life coach and experience expert in autism.

The beginning

As a child, I felt like an outsider in just about everything I came into contact with.At school and during my later studies, I always felt like I was the dumbest in the class, despite my reasonable grades. As a young adult in the business world, I held out by pretending to be with you, as if I understood things and could handle things. To my great surprise, my employers were satisfied with my work and commitment, but I myself was not. It cost me too much energy. With the upbringing of my children, I couldn't go any way. How do you do that, animate and raise two little boys? In my marriage, things went wrong, too, and I was left orphaned. Who am I now? And what do I want?

I thought there had to be a reason for all this and despite frantic searching in religions, visits to the psychologist, philosophical books and yoga poses, it only brought me addiction and depression.

and then …

In 2001, my children were diagnosed with ASD. I was at my end. Until I enrolled in a 4DIM course (4-dimensional bodywork and life coaching) in 2007.I believed that if I studied the meridians, I could help my children. And I was right.
During this 5-year training I discovered that I have a body in which all my experiences are stored. It was one battlefield. But gradually the compression disappeared. There was an opening, something that resonated with the I who had been stabbed away all my life. I found my way, my own self, and that which I longed for and believed in. In my body was the truth. Step by step, I cleared the battlefield and reconnected with myself, in connection with the energy that no longer flowed. I processed a lot of emotions and experiences that were stuck and was able to eventually connect with my children and the rest of the world around me.

and now

The insights about how energy works for or against us or how energy makes us sick or healthy have taken me out of my depression and isolation.I have found a balance in my life and, by extension, happiness in my family.
As An Auticoach, Life coach, TAO Instructor and Qigong Sensory Master's therapist, I passionately share the knowledge and study experience I have gained in recent years and would like to work professionally with those who need support.

My mission

banner-there-is-always-a-wayMy mission is to make Qigong Sensory Therapy (QST) accessible to all parents and professionals dealing with children and adolescents with autism, Down syndrome, ADHD/ADD, cerebral palsy & sensory information processing problems (SI/SPD). My goal is to support and disseminate general further research in Qigong treatments.

Life is erratic and follows its own path,
the way of nature, your nature.
Learn to go with the flow of your life and find peace again
because you are connected to your own values.


  • Auticoach & experience expert
  • 4Dim bodyworker (Life projects – formerly 4D Academy)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (University of California, Davis)
  • Universal Healing Tao instructor (Mantak Chia)
  • Life Coach – alchemy of coaching (Life projects)
  • QST-1 Parent Trainer (QSTI)
  • QST-2 Therapist and Parent Trainer for Autism (QSTI)
  • Qigong Massage Techniques (Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming)
  • QST-3 Parent Trainer Online Course Moderator (QSTI)
  • QST-DS Therapist and Parent Trainer for Down Syndrome (QSTI)
  • QST-4 Therapist Master Trainer (QSTI)
  • Trauma counselling (Shiatsu Academy)
  • Treating Trauma Master Series (NICABM)
  • NEI Coaching (InnCare)
  • Chinese Healthcare – PGCG 1 – Base year TCG (ICZO)

  • Brain Therapy for Perinatal and Postural Reflexes (Chikly Health Institute)