Tao, every day

via mystieke teksten die niet altijd makkelijk te interpreteren zijn.

The Tao is an ancient Chinese wisdom that has been recorded and passed on through mystical texts that are not always easy to interpret.
The Tao is an ancient Chinese wisdom that has been recorded and passed on through mystical texts that are not always easy to interpret. But the basis from which the ancient Tao Masters departed was the observation of their own body, the nature around them and the connection between the two. During the In Touch sessions that is exactly what we are going to do. We look for ourselves IN our body and for the connection with the world around us.


Me and the Tao

Emotions and thoughts

The wisdom in the Tao has helped me think less and be less emotional. Not the kind of detachment that resembles egoism, nor the closed, locked-up being that resembles naiveté, but giving less importance to my thoughts and emotions without completely ignoring them. By learning to look at myself from a distance, I gained a lot more room for manoeuvring and I gradually learned to see things from a different perspective. The capacity to look from different points of view, to place things in a broader context, makes me feel more free today, I feel calmer and the noise and turmoil in my head are gone. The clarity and freedom I now experience is me being who I am. It makes me happy to see that my immediate environment responds positively to this.

My dream

… Is to share the path I am now walking and the experiences I am gradually gaining.

Today I share this through touch. Physical touch but also touching with words or even better, in silence.

You will probably wonder “why by touch?”
Because this way it is so simple and easy of course! Words can so often fall short or make things unnecessarily complex. Our body contains all the wisdom we need and a loving, authentic touch opens up to that infinite source of wisdom.

Life is the Master

By observing and feeling life we ​​can grow on our path. It is my firm belief that if we want to move forward in these sometimes cloudy times, that we must connect more with the knowledge that is already IN us, connect with everything that lives and moves in nature and thus of course also with our own nature.

When we have restored the connection with our own nature, connecting with the other will come naturally.


Kakejiku (Hanging Scroll)My guideline as an instructor, master  trainer, coach, therapist, in short, as a person is to give and share. That is why I make optimal use of online technology to support you outside of the sessions.

Katana and Sheath
The power of the Tao lies in helping people to live happier, healthier and more balanced lives in just 15 minutes of practice a day.

Are you in?



Tao or Dao, Chi or Qi?


Ancient wisdom for balanced, healthy and stress-free modern times. Tao, every day.

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